Finding Another Old Engine

| January/February 2001

Hit-n-Miss Engine

1 Piscataqua Road Dover, New Hampshire 03820-5206

Back in 1975 or thereabouts, I first started noticing hit-n-miss engines while driving around the back roads of New Hampshire. I remember not being that interested in them but I knew what they were.

When I later became interested in 1989 or '90, my wife and I took a ride to the one place I first saw them. It was at Lloyd and Miriam Wentworth's house in New Hampshire, thus beginning a long lasting friendship.

We did not know the Went worths at the time and did not call ahead. As we drove into the yard, they were on their way out to a funeral. A junker engine was what I wanted in order to learn something, instead of buying one that already ran. Of all the nice complete engines Lloyd had there, we settled for a 2 HP basket case in a dark corner for $100.00.

That was the first engine I restored, with the help of my good friends Bob and Bob. I have restored, fixed and sold a few engines since that time.

Once you've been bitten by the iron bug, you're always looking for another engine to work on to see how it operates.