Finding & Rejuvenating Rusty Iron

| November/December 1983

  • Old Iron Collection

  • Old Iron Collection

11215 Oakland Drive, Kalamazoo, Michigan

It was Spring of 1978. Our brother-in-law from Asher, Oklahoma had been to visit us the previous summer. He learned of my new hobby 'Old Iron Collecting'. He said to me, 'Web, I've got an old International hay press out in our back yard that you can have if you would want to come out and get it.' Well, that is something like offering candy to a kid; I had to have it!

Well, my wife and I got to talking to some very good friends of ours-Al and Ginny Bronson from Otsego, Michigan. How about the four of us taking a week's vacation, going to Oklahoma and bringing back a hay press? A date was set and they said they would drive their '72 Pontiac with a tandem trailer behind.

The four of us drove out and did a lot of visiting. We partially disassembled the hay press and loaded it, along with a buzz saw and some other iron that was looking for a home.

One evening while there, we needed some groceries, so we took a jaunt out through those back country roads to a small grocery in the middle of nowhere. That section of the country is so sparsely populated there aren't over two or three houses to a section of land. Talk about God's country-it's so quiet and peaceful you could hear falling leaves hit the ground!

Now Al, this friend of mine, can smell rusty iron. As we were passing a house, he said, 'Web, did you see that?' There was an old one lunger sitting on a wagon in back of that house. Broke my neck, but I didn't see it. On our way back, Harold the brother-in-law said, 'I'll slow down so you can get a better look.' But he said there would be no need to stop as he knew the people and was sure they would not be interested in selling it.