| November/December 1977

  • 1 HP Mogul, serial SW3826'
    1 HP Mogul, serial SW3826. On left is Joseph Sutton, 101 years of age; on right William Schaub, present ownr of engine, Yellow Springs, Ohio.

  • 1 HP Mogul, serial SW3826'

115 WestNorth College, YellowSprings, Ohio 45387

There was a twinkle in his eyes and a smile upon his face as Joseph Sutton exclaimed, 'So that's my old engine!' He was talking to William Schaub of Yellow Springs, Ohio, the present owner and a long time friend. He went on to explain how exasperating it had been 50 years ago when the 1 HP Mogul was supposed to pump water from the spring.

'I would get it started and then climb the hill to our house. By the time I reached my destination that engine would stop and I would have to go through that same procedure all over again!'

He went on to recall that the engine was not new when he purchased it. Since he had only a limited knowledge of machinery, he often loaded the culprit into a truck and hauled it, for repairs, to a 'shade-tree mechanic' - they were numerous in those days.

Again he tried to pump water and again the engine balked. Being

thoroughly disgusted, he disposed of it and the engine sat under a pine tree neglected, for perhaps 40 years. The third owner then gave it to his son-in-law who hauled it across town and stored it in his garage, under a workbench.