Farm Master

| October/November 1986

No. 1, Honeymoon Hill, Gatlinburg, TN 37738

My engine was sold by Sears Roebuck as 'Farm Master'. Data Plate: Model R-40, RPM 850, HP 6, Eng No 152915. (Can anyone tell me year of manufacture?)

About two years ago I found this engine and to my surprise the lady still had the original owner's manual. It is a Cushman manual with a Sears flier stapled to the front, saying it is a 'Sears Gasoline Engine.' I have used this book many times in the past two years. As I found time I looked into the engine. Magneto was stripped, rod broken.

I knew that there were hobby clubs for just about anything you can think of. First I called the local Gatlinburg library, no luck. Then I tried the Sevier County Library, no luck. After a week or two, I got a call from the county librarian. She had called Knoxville library and they found the address of the Gas Engine Magazine, to which I subscribed.

After a lot of procrastinating, I ordered a new rod from Hit & Miss and a magneto from Bob Whitaker, both GEM advertisers. The magneto return spring was missing, so after many guesses and tries, one worked fine.

Now I was ready to run the engine. First gas and oil. Then water, WOW, it ran out the bottom faster than I could pour it in the top. I figured I would have to completely disassemble the casings and weld the holes. I needed a 14 inch puller to remove the flywheels. Every place in town where I asked did not have one, but knew of someone who might. After asking the um-teenth place the guy said, 'Have you checked with Paul Moyer? He messes with old engines, and he lives right behind you on the next monutain.'