Stories of the Farm Field Gas Engine

Gil Johnson shares stories of the farm field gas engine the Claude Cornell farm used when grinding feed for his cattle.

| July/August 1967

The Claude Cornell farm and its farm field gas engine. 

I am enclosing two pictures taken of a 12 hp farm field gas engine which has been in use on this farm since 1914 and is still going strong. In my work on the farm program I often drive by the Claude Cornell farm on the outskirts of Centuria, Wis. and on several occasions he was busy grinding feed for his cattle. Claude's father, who died in 1944, purchased this engine new from a dealer in Milltown by the name of Christ Johnson for $550. The clutch pulley included was opional at $45. It was hauled home on a wagon by a team of horses and placed on this same spot where it sets to this day. Here it is shown operating a Stover burr mill size 40 and of the same vintage. By running the drive belt to the rear of the engine it was belted to a 2 roll Appleton corn shredder, the shreddings blown into the hay mow and the cob corn elevated into a crib. Claude shredded his corn up until about 1950 when he quit because the 'town kids' kept tipping his corn shocks. He still has this shredder. This gas engine is run about once every two weeks during the winter months for grinding cob corn and oats. It still starts easy, when Claude does it. It is type W Serial #8097, speed 300 rpm, built by Field Brundage Co. Jackson, Michigan. I think this is something of a record and worthy of mention in our Gas Engine Magazine.