Family Memoirs

| October/November 1989

5500 County Road 27 N. E., Spicer, Minnesota 56288

An old photograph, a musty storage chest, and old tractor memories. Certain objects-some old, some not-occupy a part of our beings. These objects open our hearts to fond thoughts and recollections.

In the summer of 1982 a friend of mine and I, took off on one of those imaginative journeys into the boondocks. Into old familiar farms, groves and rock piles we drove in a quest for ol'-iron.

I've often wished I had a good ole grease sniffing, hard-oil hunting, cast iron looking dog - to smell out old iron - if so, I'd name him 'Ol' Grease Cup', yep, 'OP Grease Cup'. Well as treasure hunters hoping to strike it rich, finding a Stickney or Mogul or, or, or, such a foolish romantic!

Anyway, we visited several sites and being we were near, decided to visit my great uncle, Herman.

As we drove up we saw him ambling across the yard. He has arthritis, but his mischievous smile and grin masked an obvious inner pain.