| November/December 1978

  • Irrigation pumping

  • Irrigation pumping

300 Yampa Street, Bakersfield, California 93307

Pictured is a 15 HP Fairbanks-Morse engine that I have restored. It is permanently mounted on a trailer that I built from scratch and is belted to a centrifical pump that circulates water. Out here in the west at the turn of the century the water table was shallow and this type irrigation pumping was a familiar sight.

I found this engine in Fresno, California and it was on a cement block in front of a service station as an ornament for about twenty years. This station was being shut down and the engine had to be moved and I came on the scene at the right time. Thank the Lord!

Before this time this engine had pumped water out of a canal in this area. The only real restoration problem was about forty coats of paint and a water jacket full of sand, because they had cooled it with ditch water. This engine was in very good condition. I believe that with the water jacket full of sand it got hot and quit running and they believed they had ruined it.

I have had it at many shows, it runs very good and best of all it starts so easily.