Part three of three: Restoring a 2 HP IHC Nonpareil

| April 2007

The fuel mixer required attention, as its cover, drain screw and needle valve were missing. I obtained a casting for the mixer cover, which I shaped and fit with a small piece of chain to prevent loss.

The fuel mixer was the same as a 2 HP Famous, so I was able to measure the needle on another engine.

I made the body of the needle from 1/4-inch silver steel 3 inches long, which was tapered to match the valve seat and then lapped in the seat to ensure a good fit. I turned the dial from a piece of 1-1/2-inch outer diameter brass, 1/8-inch thick at the edge, reducing to a 1/8-inch-wide step of 1/2-inch outer diameter where it was pinned to the valve stem. The other work on the mixer body involved making a new drain screw for the underside and cleaning the pipe threads.

The threads of the air inlet pipe were badly corroded and the choke disc had no wire handle. I found a new piece of pipe for the inlet, and as I didn't have a die, it was screw cut on the lathe to a 1-by-11-1/2-inch thread standard, rather than taper pipe thread. The overall length of the pipe was 7 inches so the inlet cleared the cylinder side and lined up in the recess just above the cylinder mounting bolts.

I tapered a piece of 1/8-inch diameter steel to be slightly larger than the hole in the disc and inserted it into the air inlet, covering it in Locktite and press fitting it into the disc.

Water and fuel pumps

The pumps already had new rams fitted before I bought the engine. All I needed was to find some graphite yarn to pack the glands.