Eshelman 'Sports Car'

| July/August 1996

Eshelman Sports Car

RR 2, Box 347, Monrovia, Indiana 46157-9526

For the last nine years we have been going to a little gas engine show and a big flea market in a little town in South Central Indiana called Vallonia, on the third weekend in October.

About six years ago, as I was walking the dog down an alley, going to 'fertilize' the bean field, I noticed what looked like a child's pedal car in a barn. I stepped to the door and looked in. The little car was covered with dust, but I could tell it was red and it said 'Eshelman' on the front of it. I did not want to get shot, so I didn't go into the barn. I didn't see anyone around and I was low on cash, so I didn't pursue it.

I remember the Eshelman name from when I was a kid in the 1950s.

The next year the little car was still there. I saw a man come out of the house, so I asked him about it and if it was for sale. He said it belonged to his mother-in-law and he would ask her. The next day he said she would not sell it, but I could go in the barn and look at it. I asked him if I could take pictures of it, and he said, 'Yes.'

Upon inspection, there were no pedals, but a V-belt pulley. It was a little motor car, but it had no motor in it.