Rider-Ericsson 4-inch Bore

From A to Z: 4-Inch Rider-Ericsson hot air engine from Rider-Ericsson Engine Co., New York

| February/March 2014

Company: Rider-Ericsson Engine Co., New York
Horsepower: Not applicable (Hot air engines are rated by bore size.)
Bore: 4-inch
Weight: Approx. 200 pounds
Additional info: The unusual thing about this engine is that there is no information listed for a 4-inch Rider-Ericsson engine in any literature. This engine was manufactured in England and is machined with Whitworth threads. This may have been manufactured under license, or was it a one off model? It’s a very nice running engine. It is a hot air engine, which is quite different compared to a typical hit-and-miss engine.

Owned by: Gene DeCamp
via Richard Lahti,

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