1913 1/2 HP Elgin Baby

Engines A to Z: 1913 1/2 HP Elgin Baby, manufactured by the Elgin Wheel & Engine Co., Elgin, Illinois

| August/September 2014

  • This is an example of a very early Elgin engine.
    Photo by Kevin Weis
  • Owner Kevin Weis was happy to discover that what he thought was an upright Maytag engine was in fact an Elgin.
    Photo by Kevin Weis

Company: Elgin Wheel & Engine Co., Elgin, Illinois
Model: Elgin “Baby”
Year: 1913
Serial number: 405
Horsepower: 1/2
Ignition: Battery and buzz coil
Governing: 2-cycle hit-and-miss
Additional info: This engine was sold to owner Kevin Weis as an early upright Maytag, but he later found out it is a very early Elgin, one of the earliest known to Kevin. It was called the Elgin Redemotor “Baby,” and Redemotor was advertised as “Red-e-motor” in some advertising.                     

Owner:Kevin Weis
Union Bridge, Maryland