Bates & Edmonds Motor Co., Lansing, Michigan

Engines A to Z: Bates & Edmonds 2-1/2 hp engine.

| August/September 2015

2-1/2 hp Bates & Edmonds

Bates & Edmonds 2-1/2 hp engine by Bates & Edmonds Co.

Photo courtesy Tom and Kay Latham

Manufacturer: Bates & Edmonds Motor Co., Lansing, Michigan
Year: Circa-1907
Serial number: 9722
Horsepower: 2-1/2 hp
Bore and stroke: 4-1/2in x 5in
Weight: 450lb
Flywheel diameter: 20in
Ignition: Make-and-break
Governing: Hit-and-miss
Additional info: This Bates & Edmonds vertical is an A-frame, open crank engine. Purchase price new was $150. The cooling tank is made of cast iron and original to the engine. It runs like a top! The cart was built by the owners.
Owners: Tom and Kay Latham, Homeworth, Ohio