1920 5 HP Majestic

By Staff
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Photo by Bill Holt

This is a 1920 5 HP Majestic engine coupled to a 1910 Diamond 6-inch cone burr mill mounted on a John Deere elevator cart.

This engine was purchased by my wife’s grandfather (Fred Johnson) from the Myhre Hardware Store in Nome, N.D., in 1920 for the price of 1 western bronco.

The primary use for this engine was to operate a 6-inch cup grain elevator belt. This was used well into the 1960s.

Also in the picture is a 25-quart White Mountain ice cream machine powered by an LB model International engine.

All of these items (as well as more than 75 other engines) are owned by my father-in-law, Robert “Sonny” Johnson.

Sonny has been a subscriber of Gas Engine Magazine for several years.

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