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1917 3 HP Novo

By Staff

A neat display that caught my attention at the Brown County Antique Engine and Tractor Show in Nashville, Ind., last spring belonged to Jerry Gordon.

Jerry is from Albion, Ind., and had his restored 1917 3 HP Novo engine, serial number 37256, on display and running like a clock.

“This project has been ongoing for two years or better,” says Jerry. “I bought this engine with a lot of hesitation at the Ivan Plaster – known as the ‘bubble man’ – auction in the mid-1990s. I could see that it was going to take a lot of repair and restoration work.”

Just getting started
Just about everything has been repaired or replaced on the Novo with hard work and many hours of tedious machine work and fitting of many rebuilt parts.

The check balls were replaced in the fuel pump, and a new spark saver and latch-off were put in along with new valves and valve cages. Jerry found a different piston rod and also installed new rings. The flywheels were machine-turned 0.40 inch to clean up the rust deposits and accumulated dings and abuse given the engine over the years.

Future plans for this beautiful engine include constructing a new battery box along with building new skids for a more attractive appearance at shows and demonstrations.

Another rare horse in the stable
Jerry has acquired quite an array of unusual engines over the years of his collecting. He also had on display a nice 6 HP Stover working alongside the Novo.

“This 6 HP Stover had to have many repairs and adjustments made before it would run like it does now,” says Jerry.  Collector friend James Gambrell, of Columbia City, Ind., built a new strike-off as well as new tension springs for the governor.

Made by the Stover Mfg. and Engine Co. in Freeport, Ill., the engine has a serial number of KC 149814 and a casting date of Nov. 8, 1922. An interesting fact: Stover started building the KC engines in October 1922, which makes Jerry’s an early-built engine.

An unusual feature of this engine is that it has the original clutch pulley. “It is somewhat unusual that you find an old engine with the clutch wheel intact and working as easily as this one,” says Jerry.

Jerry has been collecting for many years and is happy to talk with anyone who has questions or is just interested in talking engines.

Contact Jerry Gordon at (260) 636-1081; photos submitted by Bob Crowell. Bob and his wife, Linda, travel to many antique farm shows throughout the Midwest promoting steam traction engine, gas engine, antique garden tractor and antique tractor magazines. They can be reached

  • Published on Dec 28, 2009
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