1/2 HP New Holland

By Staff
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Courtesy Albert M. Cooper
A rare 1/2 HP New Holland, year unknown, bought at an auction in 1966.

My 1/2 HP New Holland gasoline engine that is a pretty rare item. This is one of the first 1/2 HP engines that New Holland built. The serial number is 1783. Notice that the gas tank is up in front of the water pot and is connected directly to the head. As you know the later New Hollands have the gas tank casted into the base.

The information that I have gotten so far is that New Holland built six or seven of this style before changing over to the later style that we saw so many of with the gas tank in the base.

I bought this engine at an auction sale at Hanover, Pa. This was one of several engines of the collection of Mr. Martin of Littlestown, Pa., that sold on Feb. 26, 1966. When I bought the engine the pulleys, crank and the original muffler were missing. A good friend, Russell Eiker of Greenmount, Md., loaned me these items off of his 1/2 HP New Holland so that I could have castings made to complete my engine. He also helped me quite a lot in restoring my engine and I am certainly indebted to him for his help.

If any of the readers of this very fine Gas Engine Magazine have ever run an engine like this or can give me any additional information I would like to hear from you.

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