The Pioneer Gas Engine Association's 1967 Engine Show

A correspondent and contributing editor describes some of the motors displayed at the 1967 edition of the Pioneer Engine Association's engine show.

| July/August 1968

One of the prime attractions of the Pioneer Gas Engine Association's 1967 engine show was a 6 hp Springfield gas engine, owned by Warren Walck of Easton, Pa. It was made about 1904 and was used until 1939 as a farm engine for threshing, filing silo, sawing wood etc. Warren bought it in the fall of 1966. Other than cleaning, very little restoration was necessary. It is a beautiful running engine.

We had a complete De Laval gas engine—horizontal, upright, and mounted pulsator—operating a milking and separating outfit. The horizontal De Laval engine was shown in the November/December 1966 Gas Engine Magazine. The upright De Laval was belted thru the De Laval universal drive to a no. 16 De Laval cream separator. This engine has a large water tank for a good supply of hot water for washing the separator and utensils.

Bob Clise of Geneva, N.Y. displayed a 1/2 hp 1903 Domestic gas engine at the 1967 Reunion of the Pioneer Gas Engine Association Inc. Bob purchased this engine from Jake Hershey of Gorham, N.Y., who bought it from Bert Bremiur of Marion, N.Y. It was originally a water pump engine made by the Domestic Mfg. Co. of Shippensburg, PA. It did not need any restoration, only cleaning.