Engine Show in a Shrine

| June/July 1996

207 Park Heim Yoga Itchome, 1-19-19 Yoga, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo-to 158, Japan.

Fall is the time for harvest festivals, and on November 5 the Sanuki Engine Club put on a display at the 'Karin Matsuri' in Manno town, which is situated in Kagawa prefecture on the island of Shikoku. A 'karin' is a Chinese quince, recognized for its medicinal value, and these are a specialty of the town.

The display included several engines manufactured in Kagawa prefecture, such as the 'Orient,' which was made in Enza, as well as engines made in other parts of Japan. The sound attracted farmers of the older generation, who remembered working with these machines in their youth.

Hiroshi Kubo's 1966 Mazda T600 three-wheeler pickup was standing by, and during the course of the afternoon was called upon to fetch an old engine offered by one of the visitors as being surplus to his requirements. The engine was a single-flywheel Yanmar diesel, and it was hard work to persuade the farmer to accept a bottle of 'sake,' rice wine, in return for it. He wanted to give us the engine for free.

The weather was warm for November, and everyone had an enjoyable day, visitors and exhibitors alike. A harvest festival in Japan is usually a joyful and noisy celebration, however I wonder what the gods of the Kanno Shrine felt about this particular type of celebration!