Engine Prices Past

| October/November 2003

We all know how valuable some of the old engines we collect have become, but what were they worth in the day? A look at the classified ads in the Feb. 1917 issue of Gas Review provides interesting insight. Now, if only we could still contact those folks!


Aero motor pumping engine; good running condition. $12.50. Burns Hompstead, Croton, Ohio.

One 15 HP Falk portable kerosene. Mew. Cheap. One 7 HP kerosene wood sawing outfit in fine shape. Schmidt & Albrecht, Watertown, Wis.

12 HP Stover horizontal tank-cooled engine with friction clutch pulley in first-class condition. $235. Badger Motor Co., Milwaukee, Wis.

Ellis 6 HP kerosene engine. Run very little. I have no further use for it. Will sell cheap. W.E. Green, St. Thomas, N.D.

12 HP Huber and 12 HP Case steam traction engines, or will trade for portable gas engine. F. W. Boden, Sterling, Neb.