Pioneer Engine News

An officer of the Pioneer Gas Engine Association shares a small serving of engine news.

| May/June 1968

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    An old favorite. This picture of a 1926 cross motor Case 25-45 tractor was taken at the Pioneer Gas Engine Association's Spring 1966 "Gas-up."

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Pictures were the order of the day at the last two meetings of the Pioneer Gas Engine Association, Inc. held at Fairville, N.Y. We showed movies and slides of the various farm shows and meets in New York, Pa., and Canada. It is always interesting to see even the ones taken several years ago. A favorite tractor or vintage engine is seen once more and familiar faces are recognized. There is always a good turnout for these "picture" meetings, so I guess everyone is interested. It is a fun way to get your engine news.

We didn't get much organization business done. Not any, really. That will probably have to be what the next meeting is about. You can't put it off forever.