Smoke Rings: Engine Information Requested

Nearly a dozen readers have written in seeking engine information. We're hoping other readers will have it for them.

| May/June 1968


We're not just blowing smoke. We don't have the engine information some of you are trying to find. But other readers might.


Hi to all the Gas Engine Enthusiasts all over the country. I suppose by now you have that engine all ready or at least are putting the crowning touch onto it in anticipation of the many excursions ahead of you this summer. May you all have a wonderful summer and meet with many old friends and make new ones too as you enjoy the many wonders of each enjoyable Reunion.

We have quite a number requests for engine information from letters that are coming through the office, so I'll get onto them right away. Clark B. Dowler of Winterset, Iowa would like to know the original paint color and if there was any trim on the Associated Manufacturers Co., Waterloo, Iowa, Chore Boy engine. He has a 1 3/4 hp Serial No. 322033. How about it, you fellows that know these things? Drop Clark a friendly note and let him know. He'll appreciate it.

Frank Hamata of Schuyler, Nebraska writes: "A picture in the January/February 1968 issue has the wrong caption. I say it is a Frick outfit located somewhere in Pennsylvania, southeastern part. Who knows for sure?" Well, Frank, I don't. But who wants to argue?? Any takers? Good. Argue with Frank.

Does anyone have any information on Lauson tractors prior to 1919 Full Jeweled? If so, Clifford A. Caron of Faribault, Minnesota would like you to write him. Please do so—it makes us happy if we can be the connection between perhaps a good friendship, as I'm sure many of these letters turn out to be—due to two folks having a common interest.

Roger Kriebel, Mainland, Pennsylvania wants to know: "Can anyone give me information about the governor linkage on my 6 hp Ohio gas engine? It has a side shaft with an upright governor along side of the head. It is a hit and miss with separate intake and exhaust manifolds. Ignition is by a make and brake igniter located in the head. The Ohio Motor Company in Sandusky, Ohio built it. RPM is 290. It is a very nice engine and well built. Also, could you tell me where I can get glass for oil drip lubricators?" Well, here's another fellow in need of advice from his Gas Engine Magazine friends. Let's not let him down.

A letter from Albert Erbele of Lehr, North Dakota states: "'I have a one cylinder 3 hp engine, open crank case, 450 rpm, and it has two nameplates. One is Koehler Hinricks Butcher Machinery, St. Paul, Minnesota and the other says that it was manufactured by the Globe Iron Works Company, Menocne, Wisconsin. The engine is in very rough shape. It appears that someone tried to make an air compressor out of it. Lots of parts missing. Can someone give me more information on this engine? Also, if parts would be available somewhere?" To his aid Men!