Engine Bought with a Peak of Clover Seed

| June/July 1996

Pump Engine

RD 1,Box 236 Dayton, Pennsylvania 16222

On my father's farm, a water system powered by a windmill was installed in 1923 (the year I was born), with a large cement tank on top of the hill above our house.

In the early '30s Dad got more cattle. After they were through drinking, we sometimes were short of water at the house.

We had a neighbor who knew we needed a pump engine. He had a dump truck and hauled rock to the WPA jobs when they first started. One day, while hauling rock on a county road, a man who lived along that road asked if he would haul something for him after work. He said he hadn't any money, but would give him an engine to pay for the hauling.

The trucker did the hauling for the man. The next day he came to our house and said, 'I found you a pump engine.' The engine and gears looked all right, the paint on the engine was faded, but the shallow well pump was worn out. The appearance of the pump didn't matter because we just used it to operate the succor rod pump when the wind didn't blow.

Since this was during the depression, my dad said he didn't have any money to pay for the engine but had a peck ( bushel) of clover seed that he could give him. The neighbor said that would be fine with him because he was needing some clover seed. Besides trucking part time, he operated a farm.