Edwards Two Cylinder Engine

| September/October 1988

Edwards engines

Little Pine Route, Box 4 Aitkin, Minnesota, 56431

I was fortunate to purchase parts of two Edwards engines with enough parts to complete one engine and leave a lot of spare parts for future use. I would like to give some information to other collectors and Edwards fans.

The workmanship on the engines looks good, but the engineering is not much to be desired.

Restoring was the normal process: soaking in solvent and driving the pistons out, sandblasting, etc. The rings I got from Starbolt.

The engine is lubricated by two drip oilers. They are adjusted to drop 20 drops of oil while the engine is running. This oils the pistons, the wrist pin and also the connecting rod bearing. This is done by oil dripping from the oiler through a hole in top of the piston, into a small cup built in the connecting rod, from there to the rod bearing through a brass tube. This works most of the time. The rest of the time there are some very worn rod bearings. I installed a grease cup on each rod bearing and left the original lube system intact. The cam gear came with a grease cup.

The main bearings are also inserts. The main bearing caps have only a 3/16 inch hole which the operator is supposed to oil with an oil can. This is good for a very short time before the bearings start to run dry. The main bearing caps have a large cup built into them that would hold several squirts of oil but aren't drilled to the bearing. I drilled mine and put some wool felt in them to hold the oil. The main bearing caps have the bolt holes in the opposite corners so the pressure is not even on the bearing and shaft assembly.