Eclipse Begins Collection

| June/July 1986

6 HP Fairbanks-Morse

135 Stanley Rd., Fayetteville, GA 30214

About three years ago I was at a small town in North Georgia where they were having a Fall Festival and there was a man there grinding corn-meal with a 6 HP Fairbanks-Morse. Something about the sound of that engine running did something to me. I knew that day I had to have one. I started asking people everywhere I went if they knew where I could get me an engine. Most of the people I asked didn't know what I was talking about, so I ran an ad in the Wanted column of the market bulletin and a guy at East Point, Georgia, called me and said he had one he would sell. It was the Fairbanks-Morse Eclipse 1 HP pictured here. Since that first engine I now have 10 engines and I am still looking for more. When I first started buying, I didn't know about GEM or any of the clubs, so I really had a hard time getting the first couple fixed up but I sure enjoyed working on them! I now belong to the Georgia Antique Engine Club. I never enjoyed anything as much as I have enjoyed restoring engines.