Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association

| October/November 1997

National Vice President 3848 South Farm Road 93 Republic, Missouri 65738

We have three new branches to introduce: Roger W. Gray, 3230 S. 2850 West, Ogden, Utah 84401, serves as president of Branch 95; Edward Buscha, 5775 Bernshausen Road, Giddings, Texas 78942 is president of Branch 96; and Vernon Watkins, 64806 318th, Litchfield, Minnesota 55355 serves as president of Branch 97.

As we get closer to 100 branches, I wonder if the men that founded EDGE&TA 40 years ago in Wisconsin ever dreamed that we would have this many clubs.

The present National officers would like to express our appreciation to all the past National officers and to the officers and members of the local branches today for all their hard work and dedication. Without them, the National would not be a success.

Bill Underwood and Ralph Ramsey, members of Branch 16, just returned from the Southwest Regional held in Durango, Colorado, hosted by Branch 19, and reported that it was a very good show. I'll have more on this Regional and the Northwest Regional hosted by Branch 29, in the next issue.

Hope to see you at the National in Fort Scott, Kansas, hosted by Branch 17, October 3-5.