Early California Engine Found

| August/September 1985

  • California  Engine

  • California  Engine

1155 Carpenter Canyon Road Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

Recently, I had one of those experiences that every engine collector dreams about and I would like to share it with the readers in hopes that they too may never give up the quest for those old rusty pieces of iron that are still waiting to be discovered.

I had been enjoying a relaxful week-end, engrossed in one of my many hobbies which is buying, selling and trading antique bottles. The annual antique bottle shows are the places to get together once a year with old friends and acquaintances of some 20 years of collecting.

During the course of Sunday afternoon sales, I was pleased to see the presence of an old bottle collector friend from the Salinas Valley area. After the usual chit-chat about antique bottle finds for the year, I mentioned that I would sure like to trade some good 'ole rare' bottles for an 'ole rare' gas engine, and did he by any chance know of any around his old ranches. He casually mentioned that he had some 'old thing' on one of his ranches that people had been after him to sell, but he really had no desire to part with it but maybe for a good 'ole rare' bottle we could do business.

I nonchalantly continued to question him about what kind it may be, secretly hoping that it would be one of those lost early California works of art rather than the rusty remains of an extremely common clunker. Unfortunately, all that he could remember about it was that it may have said 'union' San Francisco on the side, but he wasn't positive.

Naturally, my heart skipped a small beat and I tried to calmly react in a non-interested manner and shortly thereafter, we agreed that some day in the future we could get together and look at it.