| January/February 1987

601 Oakwood Drive, Clinton, MS 39056

This letter was written to illustrate a story Mr. Patterson heard while attending an engine show in Blairsville, GA. It should serve as a reminder to us all about safety precautions in working with engines.

I am writing in response to your request for more information concerning Block No. 11 on the insurance form which asks for 'Cause of injuries' where I put 'Trying to do the job alone'. You said you needed more information so I trust the following will be sufficient.

On the date of injuries, I was working alone trying to retrieve an old gas engine out of the loft of a four-story building when I realized the 400-pound engine was too much for me to carry down the stairs. So, rather than try to carry the engine down the stairs by hand, I decided to put it on a platform and lower it by a pulley which was fastened to the top of the building. I secured the end of the rope at ground level and went up to the top of the building and loaded the engine onto the platform and swung the platform out with the engine on it. I then went down and untied the rope, holding it securely to insure the slow decent of the engine.

As you will note on Block No. 6 of the insurance form, I weigh 145 pounds. Due to my shock at being jerked off the ground so swiftly, I lost my presence of mind and forgot to let go of the rope. Between the second and third floors, I met the engine coming down. This accounts for the bruises and lacerations on my upper body.

Regaining my presence of mind again, I held tightly to the rope and proceeded rapidly up the side of the building not stopping until my right hand was jammed in the pulley. This accounts for the broken thumb.