Discovered: Engine in the Wild

| June/July 2000


I spotted a flywheel buried in ivy.

West Tree Frog Lane, Chilmark, Massachusetts 02535

It had been several years since I had discovered an early engine in the wild, and I was beginning to think that those days were gone forever. A few weeks ago, however, I got a lead at the town dump that sent me scrambling to locate and uncover an old engine.

This story involves some luck-being in the right place at the right time- and also a technique I have often used in the hunt for old iron-advertising. That day I went for a ride on my 1950 Solex motor bike and decided to swing into the dump to see what treasures might have come in.

I noticed an elderly fellow inspecting the Solex.

'I have one of these,' he said enthusiastically.

'A Solex? I asked.