Dad's Sears Economy Engine

| September/October 2001

  • Sears Economy Engine

  • Sears Economy Engine

PO Box 383 Spier Falls Rd. Grenfield Center, NY 12833

In 1964 my father, Arthur Keech, purchased a 1917 Sears Economy 5 HP engine for $25.00. He put it on a trailer and brought it home. I was fourteen years old at the time.

I helped my father saw cord wood with it for many years, getting a few black eyes along the way, when we started it with the crank that came with it. I was also afraid of the noise it made.

As the years went by, I learned to love the noise and smoke this engine made. I also, at fifty, have become a lot wiser. No more black eyes have been acquired, because we don't use the crank anymore; we just flip the flywheels.

My dad has been very proud of this 1917 Sears Economy and along with my help we have painted it to its original condition.

I want to thank my father for handing this engine down to me. I shall always cherish it.