Crazy Engines, BIG AND SMALL

| September/October 1989

9056 Riverside Drive Brighton, Michigan 48116

I enjoy going to shows more and more each year and looking over what's new in old engines. Crazy looking or crazy running engines seem to attract my attention most. (I guess I'm a little crazy too. I've heard others mention this often!)

Last spring I ran into a fellow at a swap meet who asked me if I had ever seen a Polo. (I was displaying my Webster inverted model.) I told him I hadn't even heard of one and he related he had a 2 HP one and a 4 HP one and knew of another gentleman who had one!

Well, I never thought much more about it because we all know that finding something this rare is just about impossible!

Then, at National Threshers Show held in Wauseon, Ohio, of all things to show up was a nicely restored Polo-fan and all. Wow! I got a couple of pictures of it and I was really pleased just to see one.

A few months later my good friend, Kenny Wolf, called to ask me if I'd like to work on a 'problem child', as his wife Wendy called it, a Polo.