Once Again Persistence Has Paid Off

| November/December 1994

  • International Famous hit & miss

  • International Famous hit & miss

1123 Nelms Road, Albany, Georgia 31705

Charles Gilchrist, 1800 Gary Avenue, Albany, Georgia 31707 owns this International Famous hit & miss. For the story of its acquisition and restoration, see 'Once Again Persistence Has Paid Off,' written by Willis Shook, inside this issue.

During the winter of 1988, my friend Charles H. Gilchrist, 1800 Gary Avenue, Albany, Georgia 31707 was visiting relatives in Butler, Georgia, and was told about a man in the area who had made a down payment on an old large gas engine and shortly afterward had suffered a stroke and was unable to complete the purchase.

Charlie tracked the man down and he said he couldn't use the engine and it was possibly for sale again. He told where the engine was located and who owned it.

Charlie went to the location and found the engine about 150 feet off a well-traveled county dirt road. It was sitting out in the open and was mounted on one end of double 4' x 10' heavy beams about 14 feet long with what appeared to be a pea thresher mounted on the other end. These in turn were mounted on a four wheel steel cart. The pea thresher was rotted beyond repair.

The engine was a 1911 4 HP International Famous, screen cooled, hit and miss, which had apparently been under a shed which had rotted and blown down in 1987.