A Crawler in Pat's Old Engine Shed

| June/July 1998

TD6 crawler

Pat Becker of Pat's Old Engine Shed in Waterford, Wisconsin, sent this picture of this TD6 crawler he found a mile from home.

Pat Becker

117 N. Second Street Waterford, Wisconsin 53185

I've been a subscriber of the Gas Engine Magazine for quite a few years. I really enjoy each issue and read them over and over again. I'm also a charter member of the S. E. Wisconsin Antique Power & Collectibles Society. Here are some pictures of the TD 6 that I found a miles from home.

It is the crawler that I remember being used to farm a marsh when I was a young fellow. Now that I have become interested in collecting rust, dust and old stuff, I began to remember this crawler and thought it was something I had to have for my collection.

As it turned out, it was rather a complicated procedure to get this TD 6. When I contacted the elderly owner she was just in the process of wanting the barns, sheds, and orchard cleared of the old iron. So I agreed to this task. Nothing but nothing had been touched in 31 years. My son Steve and I, along with grandson Jacob, tackled the job. It was a lot of hard work, but also interesting and rewarding.

When we finally got to the shed where my prize TD 6 rested for 31 years, to our surprise we found the engine was not stuck. So we belted up another tractor to the belt pulley and spun it. We turned it over for about 15 minutes, and believe it or not, it started without changing the fuel or anything. Within an hour, my sons Steve and Dave, and grandson Jacob, were taking turns rambling around the farm having a blast.

There weren't any real major repairs that had to be done to the mechanical parts, but you can see by the pictures it needed a lot of exterior work. It has been a real eye catcher. Our club show last September was the first I took it to. I put the white oak blocks on the tracks so it was ready for a few parades.