Cover Story

| February/March 1997

Robert W. Buntin, Jr., 91 South Main Street, Sherborn, Massachusetts 01770, spent three hundred hours restoring the Fitzhenry Guptill portable fire fighting pump on this month's cover. Originally purchased by the Sherborn Fire Department, the pump dates to about the late 1920s. It was made at 135 First Street, East Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The single cylinder gas engine is water cooled, about 10 HP, driving a 3 cylinder triplex pump, pumping 25 g.p.m.@250p.s.i. The pump weighs 310 pounds.

'A common problem with this pump was water seeping inside the pump pistons and freezing, thus ballooning the piston causing the pump to seize,' writes Robert. 'To make new pump pistons a pattern and core box had to be made, then new pistons cast and machined.'

Robert W. Buntin, jr., of 91 South Main Street, Sherborn, Massachusetts 01770 restored this Fitzhenry Guptill portable firefighting pump. Additional details inside.