1897 6 HP Mietz and Weiss Engine

Coolspring Spotlight

| April/May 2011

This is a fairly early 1897 6 HP Mietz and Weiss. Designed by Carl Weiss in 1893, it’s a 2-stroke engine with a three-port design and it’s a semi-diesel.

A unique feature of this engine is the hot tube ignition. There is an uncooled cast iron bulb in the protective shroud at the head of the engine, which is heated to a dull red by an external torch in order to start the engine. When the engine is in operation, the injector sprays the fuel downward onto a lip extending into the cylinder from the cast iron bulb where some of the fuel will bounce and spray back into the bulb. The fuel then readily combusts and ignites the rest of the fuel in the cylinder providing the power for the stroke. Once the engine starts, there’s enough heat from the combustion process to keep the bulb hot without the pre-heater. 

Made by August Mietz Co., NY

Year: 1897

Serial no.  579

Horsepower: 6