Wet air supply

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| September/October 2004

  • SmokStak

  • SmokStak

- I just started sandblasting a bunch of parts, and my air supply is way too wet. I have two cyclone air separators in the line between my air compressor and my blast cabinet, but it's still too wet. Now what do I do? How can I get very dry air without spending an arm and a leg? - Joseph

- Could the location of the separators have anything to do with it? I have a bank of four separators located right off my compressor, and I have never had that happen. I don't know if the quantity of separators or their location might make a difference. It's just a thought. - Allen

- Try this: With a full tank of air, drain the tank of any water. Let the tank sit at rest for 30 minutes and then drain again. Clean and dry both water separators. Don't forget, you'll still have water in the air hose. Dry it as best you can. Preferably, hang the hose and let the water drain out and dry. If you can, add another water separator at the blast cabinet.
Let us know what happens. By the way, do you live in a very humid area? - Jim

- As said previously, make sure your receiver is thoroughly blown down (drained) and ditto for your moisture traps.

Typically, one moisture trap is located close to the compressor/ receiver, but one is also needed at the far end of any hose run as more water will condense in the long hose run. I like to have only a short length of hose from the last moisture trap to the blaster. Make sure that you start out with a dry system and hoses. If your receiver has a slug of water in it or your hoses have pockets of water in them, you may not get the water reduced to an acceptable amount at your tool.

Moisture traps that are close together don't add much drying as the moisture doesn't condense in I the short distance between them. Long hose or pipe runs condense additional water. Low spots in the hoses or pipes form pockets of water that may overwhelm the moisture traps as your work time accumulates. Have your final trap close to your work. This may help. - Kid