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Show 'em or Stow 'em . . .

| April/May 2004

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Online Engine Conversations from SmokStak and the Stationary Engine List

Stationary Engine List By Helen French

Whatever your various ground hogs had to say on the subject of winter, there should be at least a hint of spring in the air as you read this, which means one thing: Show season is just around the corner!

During the long, dark and cold of winter, ATIS Stationary Engine Mailing List members have been known to suffer from cabin fever. We have one dedicated member, however, who tries to prevent this by stimulating interesting engine-related discussion with a well thought-out question. One of these, entitled 'Show it or Stow it,' provided the subject matter for this month's article and should provoke some thought on which engines will be rallied this summer. - Helen

Are there engines you should just leave at home, rather than take to a show? How do you decide which engine(s) to take?

Personally, I take my latest engine acquisition or restoration -or whatever I can take without tearing the whole garage apart to get it out.

Why stow it? Why not show it?

Because it is not ready to be shown. I have a 2 HP R&V engine with dirt in the hopper and a stuck piston. It is still just as it came off the fencerow at a farm in Montana.