Combination Car & Mower Has Volkswagen Ancestry

| July/August 1990

P.O. Box 324 Lecanto, Florida 32661

I've been around the country pretty well, having been in all the counties of Florida in the last 44 years. I spent my first 21 years on the farm in Pipestone County, Minnesota, so I know about Case Eagles and Waterloo Boys.

Having seen GEM, I'm wondering if anyone would like to see a picture of my lawn mower.

While I don't have much of an education, I do have a lot of more or less crude mechanical experience. My creation has a lot of hydraulic stuff under the VW body, and many other tricks you'll want to know about.

The machine has been on national television two or three times, back when I first built it.

The body is hinged at the frame on the lower front. The winch pulls the whole thing over in front until the upper part of the windshield frame goes clear down to the ground. This exposes most of the works, and there are plenty! The gas tank and hydraulic oil tank each hold seven gallons, one under each rear fender. The radiator stays on the frame in front of the engine which is a four cylinder Continental that used to run the air conditioner on a Greyhound bus. The engine looks like an old 1923 Star motor that we used to have on an old Deering corn picker in about 1929 or 1930. We pulled the machine with horses on the farm in Minnesota.