Lewis H. Cline and his Collection of Gas Engine Tractors

Lewis H. Cline talks types of tractors and his collection of gas engine tractors over the years.

| July/August 1966

Lewis H. Cline talks about his collection of gas engine tractors. 

We like the new magazine and hope it is a success. Here's a rundown of my collection of gas engine tractors.

Our first engine was a Falk 3 hp, throttling governed, sold by Advance Rumely. and was used on a 32 volt lighting plant originally. The original owner had it in his basement and exhaust was piped out the window. They found the noise objectionable so he buried an oil drum and ran the exhaust into it. You could now hardly hear it run and every thing was fine, at least so they thought. A relative saw it and thought it a very good idea, so did the same with his. However all was not fine for long, one morning he had started it up and headed for the barn and it started missing and pumped the drum full of unburned gas which exploded, making a big hole in the ground, breaking the living room window, and a ten foot square area of the Kellastone (a concrete stucco mixture) fell off the house. Needless to say that was discontinued and the relative did away with his.

This was a good engine, but we did not need 3 hp for pumping water, so traded it for an International Titan 1.5 hp hit and miss governed which we used a few years. I never liked this one very well. It was difficult to keep the piston well oiled whether the ball valve was in the oil cup or not. The oil cup was built too close to the back of the cylinder, and by looking down the pipe you could see the top or back ring on the piston pass it at the end of the power stroke, so when it fired the pressure would come up through the oil cup. making it hard to keep the oil cup filled and the piston oiled. I also found the choke hard to keep properly adjusted. Next we had a Fairbanks-Morse Type Z, 1.5 hp, hit and miss and will say I don't think a better engine was ever built, it ran faithfully a stood many years, never spent a nickel for repairs on it and it had the best compression of any I ever saw, is still in the family, and still has very good compression. It would pump water 24 hrs on a gallon of gas.

Some of my latest finds in the picture are four gas engines, namely, from left to right: Mogul 1.5 hp, New Way 2 hp, Rock Island 2 hp and Cushman 4 hp They are all restored and running and mounted on trucks.

I also have a very nice 3 hp Stickney that still has its piston stuck. I hope to have it running some of these days.


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