Coldwell Lawn Mower

| May/June 1990

4 cycle lawn mower engine

91 Cedar Street, Holliston, Massachusetts, 01746

Well, there is no sense in letting that newly purchased piece of iron sit around and deteriorate worse than it already is!

After bringing home my first engine and staring at it for countless hours trying to picture it like many of the fine restorations I've been reading about in GEM, the above statement would finally become reality.

The piece of iron I'm referring to is a Coldwell Manufacturing Co. 4 cycle lawn mower engine, Model Twin 30. It has a Bosch high tension magneto ignition; horsepower is unknown. Approximate date of the engine is 1932-1936.

Being new in this hobby and taking on a complete restoration project can be nerve racking at times, exciting at other times, and darn frustrating most of the time.

One of my most memorable times during the restoration process happened on day one. Backing the vehicle up in the driveway with the wife standing there on the sideline, lifting up the rear tailgate on HER Jeep and reading the expression on her face. It was priceless. 'How much did it cost?' was one of the questions she asked. 'When is the baby's room going to be finished?' followed the previous question.