1919 1-3/4 HP Air-Cooled Chore Boy

From A to Z: 1919 1-3/4 HP air-cooled Chore Boy, manufactured by Associated Manufacturers Co., Waterloo, Iowa

| December 2012/January 2013

  • Associated Air-Cooled Chore Boy Engine
    A 1919 1-3/4 HP Associated engine owned by Don Benacquisto. 
    Photo By Don Benacquisto

  • Associated Air-Cooled Chore Boy Engine

Company: Associated Manufacturers Co., Waterloo, IA
Model: Air-cooled Chore Boy
Year: 1919
Horsepower: 1-3/4
Serial number: 34761
Bore: 3-3/4-inch
Stroke: 5-inch
Flywheel diameter: 18 inches
Flywheel width: 2 inches
Governing: Hit-and-miss
Ignition: Battery and coil with trip ignitor

Owned by: Don Benacquisto
Pittsburgh, Pa.