Centerpiece Of My Display Trailer

| August/September 1998

117 Lind Street McMinnville, Tennessee 37110-1922

In the center of this display trailer is my Novo hit and miss 1 HP Model S, #74954.

It is all original, with a Bosch BA1 ED-19 magneto, back gearing to a Myers 3 inch pump and factory I-beam wagon. Portable outfit #M1978 designation is found on the wagon and hopper I.D. plates.

On July 19,1922, it was shipped from Novo's factory in Lansing, Michigan, to the R.H. Newell Company in Milford, Maine. In 1995, during a visit to Connecticut, Mr. Jim Rhoades found it listed for sale in a local paper. It was returned to his home in Toccoa, Georgia, where both he and his brother Harold do excellent engine restorations.

Novo began business in 1912 and produced seventy-five varieties of water pumps, air compressors, spray and saw rigs and hoist outfits. Twenty of the largest concrete mixer manufacturers used their engines.

It is displayed along with a 4 HP Domestic with 4' water pump and a 5 HP Majestic belted to a Kelly Duplex feed mill. In the background is a Houston, Stanwood and Gamble steam engine recently relocated after fifty years in the woods.