CAUTION:Adults at Play

| July/August 1974

Maryland 21773

The First Annual Catoctin Antique Gas Engine Show was held on October 6 and 7, 1973 at the Wolfsville Ruritan Community Park, Myersville, Md.

The weather was ideal, two beautiful days with a warm sun and gentle breeze. This added to the scenic beauty of the mountain stream that flows thru the park which is surrounded by many large oaks and maples. With their colored leaves, a nearby farmer, Donald Kuhn, permitted the club the use of his field for parking for those who came to smell the smoke and listen to the noise of the running engines that were on display.

The Catoctin Gas Engine Show was conceived to give the gas men their day in the sun. The restricted display space, unfortunately, necessitated the elimination of the large steam rigs that give many hours of wonderment. The gas men had a ball. It was truly; 'Caution, Adults at Play'.

When the idea was conceived, local gas engines enthusiasts were contacted for their help and advice. The late Gilbert Gouker and his son, Bob, Middletown, Md. and Elmer Rice, Hagerstown, Md., were available and ready to help in any way possible. They both kept prodding; when is the date set for the show? Everyone who was contacted for advice asked only what they could do to help and how many engines were requested of them. All known owners of the 'one-lungers' who were contacted in the central Maryland area responded by brining their engines.

Plans were laid in January and many letters were sent out and phone calls made. A list of known exhibitors was made, craftsmen and flea market personnel were contacted for this fine weekend.