A Reader's Case Tractor

A new reader shares his engine collection lore.

| May/June 1966

Case tractor

This is my Case tractor. It is old, but in perfect condition. Iuse it to do all kinds of jobs at our Annual Fair. On the binder,stacking the grain etc. The V-wheel on the rear is for operatingits mounted mower. It is cleaned and painted, and the tires, as youcan see are nearly new.


The Gas Engine Magazine is a fine new publication and fills a distinct need for the gap between gas and steam however, my first love is steam, but since all of us nuts cannot afford or have access to a steam engine and gas engines are much more easily obtained, we must be satisfied with them, and I am one whose second choice is taken by them.

I have 4 small gas engines, 3 running and the 4th in the restoration process. They are a LB IHC 3-5 hp, 11/2 or 2 hp Witte, with high tension Wico EK magneto and spark plug ignition, 2 hp Stover, same ignition as Witte, and a 11/2 hp Fairbanks-Morse I am now restoring, made in December of 1919 and has Bosch high tension oscillating magneto with spark plug ignition. All engines have nice, flat belt pulleys and are mounted or will be mounted on 2 or 4 wheel trucks to facilitate handling. I have enjoyed working over these machines and keep with the smaller sizes due to handling and storage problems. Flat belting is obtainable easily, together with Clipper or Alligator belt lacing, belt dressing and the split type flat pulley is easy to find not so easy are the original cast iron flat pulleys or clutch pulleys. My engines also have staring cranks and keep them under cover. Use the engines also have starting cranks and will have a water pump rigged up in time. Best of luck and keep on building up the magazine. Wish it came every month.