Carolina's Fly-Wheelers


| July/August 1994

Rt. 5, Box 375, Boone, North Carolina 28607

In the good old summertime. . . It's that time again, folks! Time to mark your calendars for the shows you plan to attend this season. In that respect, let me tell you again about a 'little ole show' called the High Country Crank Up. This show is held in Boone which is located in Northwestern North Carolina in the heart of the Blue Ridge Highlands. Last year's show, the fourteenth annual, was held at the High Country Fairgrounds-Raceway on July 23, 24 and 25, 1993.

This small show is beginning to attract some attention as it is being well publicized in several magazines, local newspapers, and with both local and regional TV coverage.

Boone, North Carolina is a diverse area that offers a variety of natural beauty, a mountain empire that is rich in history and tradition, and a world of things to do and places to visit. Boone is also home of the nation's only Firefly Festival (held in June). I always enjoy telling people about this beautiful place where I am privileged to live, and where the views are spectacular year-round and the weather is most unpredictable.

This year's show brought three beautiful warm, sunny days with gentle, cool nights. By show's end Sunday afternoon, most everyone showed evidence of a suntan and some with parched lips.

The 1993 show reported: one horseless carriage, one hot air (water) pump, 2 displays of hog oilers, two early American washing machines, two hot air fans, two antique cars, three lawn mowers, four antique tool displays, four grist mills with several in operation and selling corn meal, five toy displays (replicas of early farm equipment), seven steam engines, 20 model displays, 24 tractors, 332 gas engines.