Candy Shop Engine

| August/September 1997

  • A part of an Ideal engine

  • Ideal engine

  • Ideal engine

  • A part of an Ideal engine
  • Ideal engine
  • Ideal engine

12234 Harris Carleton, Michigan 48117

It was in the middle of January when I took the phone call. The fellow on the other end of the line introduced himself and asked if I was interested in an old gas engine. I said yes, of course. Ted Mazur went on to explain that he owned a restaurant and in one part of the restaurant that he called the candy shop, where they sold all the sweet goodies to take home, there was this engine. It was there when Ted bought the business 17 years earlier; they would put flowers in the water hopper.

When Ted retired and closed the business, he took the engine home with the notion of someday getting it running. Time passed quickly, he was now selling his home and moving into a condo, and there was no place for an engine.

He described the engine as a 3 HP Ideal upright. Now the first thing that came to my mind was a large engine about five feet tall with one of those large oversized water hoppers weighing about 600 lbs. I said that I would come and take a look. I went on to say that if I was not interested in it, that I belong to a couple of engine clubs, I would take some pictures of the engine and put them on our bulletin board. I assured him that someone would want it. We set up a date and got directions how to get to his house.

Needless to day the day that I was going to see the engine, it had snowed. Does this sound like a typical engine story or what?!? The trip should have taken about an hour and a half. As I drove north, the road had turned to ice with many cars off the road and in the ditches. I slowed way down and took my time.

As I was driving down his street, I spotted the engine in the garage before his house number. I pulled up and got out. To my surprise it was not the 600 lb. monster I had envisioned, but small only three feet tall, and I just had to have it. If you ever had that feeling, you know what I am talking about. Ted was working in the garage, packing boxes. We introduced ourselves. As we were talking, I started looking the engine over.


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