| November/December 1981

Author's note: My name is Jeffery Lockhart and here is some of the background for my story. Marvin Simon lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He has been collecting and restoring old gas engines for 12 to 15 years. He has many that he has restored from mummies into gems. You should see all the motors he has fixed! He has two barns filled.

My father, Johnny Lockhart and Marvin have been tight friends for thirty years and are inseparable. They have gone out hunting for old farm motors and marine motors many times and have spent hours in the shop.

I have gone with them also and have many tales and experiences of old motor hunting to prove it. This story concerns some yellow jackets we got into trying to pull out a marine motor. This all happened about ten years ago when I was a teenager of 14. They brought me along to do all the pulling and tugging. Mr. Godfrey has since passed on (God Bless his Soul) and his sister has since moved.

It was a cool day in late October. Our car was flying down the country road. Inside we were warm and talking about that motor we would find. I was in the back seat swallowed up in cushions.

'What kind of motor is it?' I said.

Marvin turned his neck to speak and still maneuvered the wheel around curves.