Buried Treasure

| November/December 1988

  • Old Engine
    The picture shows what I call my 'Buried Treasure'.

  • Old Engine

621 D Street, Rt 2, Milford, Nebraska 68405

 A friend told me that a friend of his had found an old engine buried under corn cobs in a shed on an abandoned farmstead that was being cleared.

Since my friend wasn't interested in the engine, he told me about it. When I went to look I could hardly believe what I saw.

It's a 1 cylinder Pierce! It was covered with a 1912 newspaper and with cobs which kept it dry, and all parts were free.

Naturally I had to have one more engine!

When cleaning it up I began to wonder if it ever had run since it's so crude. There is no carburetor or mixer. The gas tank is sealed and has a large wick which hangs down into the gasoline. A half inch pipe extends from the wick through a valve and then to the intake valve. Also there's a valve to regulate the amount of air going into the intake valve. When dismantling the Pierce some of the bearings showed wear, so I knew it had run, and I hoped it would run again.