Buried FOOS

| June/July 1989

33609 132nd Street S. E., Sultan, Washington 98294

After long interest in old crawlers, my neighbor, Clyde York, became interested in small engines. His cousin, Ray York, said that he knew where there was an old engine in front of a mine shaft. He said he saw it there when he was deer hunting in 1960.

It was still there in the spring of 1988. Only catch-it was stuck in a rock slide with about 6' of its flywheels sticking out of the ground.

Clyde first saw it with water from the nearby creek running between its flywheels.

In three days we dug it out of the ground, determined it wasn't frozen and broken, disassembled it and skylined it by hand about 200 feet across a creek and gulley.

Clyde, Ray York, Larry Payne, and I power-sawed trees, moved rocks and logs, building a road good enough for a four wheel drive to get the parts out and home.