Building a Radial Engine

| January/February 1987

  • Radial engine

  • Radial engine

1613 E. Park Avenue, Houma, Louisiana 70360

Hello Engine Lovers: When the fish are not biting and you have nothing to do, why not retire to your work shop and build a radial engine?

I started this motor about one year ago and after working on it between other jobs, I have finally completed it.

It is a 5-cylinder radial and-yes, you guessed right-I used 5 model 72D Maytag cylinders. The case is aluminum, the crankshaft I made of steel, the connecting rods of brass. I am using one buzz coil to fire the plugs with a homemade distributor.

There is neither vacuum or pressure in the case so I am using fuel injection to the case.

The cylinders are spaced 72 degrees apart and will fire 5 times per revolution. Naturally it will use 5 times more fuel, but it will have 5 times more torque.