| March/April 1982

HP upright Maytag

#2- HP upright Maytag with Type 'G' carburetor.

Marvin M. Frahm of Newman, Illinois has produced a very useful paperback book titled 'Maytag Multi-Motors,' after two years of work.

A real booster for Maytag engines, Marvin feels they are fast 'coming their own' and will soon become very popular with serious gas engine collectors.

He has written the book especially for all new collectors, and boys and girls who are interested in collecting old engines. They will find a wealth of information in the 66 pages.

The book includes a history of the Maytag company; chapters on specific models such as the 'Fruit Jar' and 72 twin cylinder and others; Maytag accessories, values and collector's items, and dozens of photographs.

Frahm has had numerous complimentary letters from readers, many of whom read about it in his ads in GEM. It is limited to 1,000 copies. Preparation of the book was a wholesome family project, and we hope he sells out the whole 1,000.

To order, send $9.95 plus $1.45 for handling and postage to Marvin M. Frahm, R.R. 2, Box 42, Newman, Illinois 61942.