Bitten by the Bug

| January/February 1986

R 1, Box 296, Pendleton, IN 46064

Out for a Sunday morning drive, my wife, Kim, and I wandered into Rushville, Indiana from our home near Pendleton. Having heard of the steam and old engine show earlier, we thought we might take this in.

There they were: the old tractors, the smells of coal burning and sawdust at the sawmill, and the chug-snort-chug of those old engines. Kim really loved it. She said, 'Someday you can get one of those hit and what-cha callits.'

About one month passed. Here we were, trudging through the mud at Portland. But undiscouraged we were. We remembered the lure of that old engine smell, the whirling of gears and the rattle of the cranks. Kim said 'We will start looking for a miss-and-hit.' I just grinned.

It's been almost a month since we went to the auction. Sixty engines. Surely one was for us, but which one? We watched and listened. Then we bid. We bought it! It was an awful mess, but complete. The old Fairbanks-Morse Z 'headless' started the next day. Now I've got it so it will run real nice.

Kim sure is happy and I am a little bit myself.